About Us

Founded by Lawrence Howard in 1997 as a reseller of speech recognition software, Hands Free Computing (Hands-Free) has built a world-wide reputation for supporting individuals with Neurodiversity whilst in education, seeking employment, and in the workplace.

Today, Hands-Free has a team of assistive technology trainers and coaches with such a breadth of experience they can support people to overcome many of the barriers which technology alone cannot.

These trainers and coaches are now delivering a huge range of programmes across the education, pre-work and in-work arenas, supporting not only those with neurodiversity, but also a wide range of disabilities and those affected by mental health & confidence issues.

The impact of this has seen a growing number of businesses, local authorities and government departments requesting Hands-Free to support them in their work, and ultimately removing barriers to growth.

Our Mission

“Harnessing the power of the latest technology to remove barriers, enabling efficient and accessible means of communication to everyone.”

Our Values

Customer Service

Hands Free Computing continually strives to provide excellent customer service and build strong relationships and partnerships within our community. We do this by always listening to what our clients have to say and by helping them in a timely, friendly and professional manner. Our customer service is always honest, informed and in the best interest of the client. We place customer service above all else.


Good results for Hands Free Computing clients mean good results for us! We help our clients achieve their goals which might not be possible without assistive technology, coaching and training. This in turn helps their organisation reach their goals and targets by having a happy and productive workforce. Our results are identifiable by satisfied customers who return to us time and time again for help and advice.


We all work together to ensure our clients realise their potential at work and reach their goals. Every one of us has an important role to play and skills to contribute, but it is only together as a team that we can ensure we deliver results. We work together openly and honestly and are respectful of each other’s opinion, knowledge and contribution. A strong team is a successful team.

Who We Work With

We currently work with a wide range of organisations from across the United Kingdom, Europe and the World.


Our Partners

We have established a network of trusted partners, who we are very proud to work with. Find out more about working in partnership with us here.

For You

Removing barriers in education and employment to help you thrive.

We can help you access government funding specific to your needs.

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For Employers

Supporting growth in organisations of all sizes by embracing diversity.

Improve productivity and creativity through a happier workforce.

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For Partners

Working together to deliver a better working life, targeting positive outcomes for all.

We offer a proven track record with prime contractors, commissioners and suppliers.

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