Hands Free Computing Launch Coaching Programme To Support UK Job Market

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Sussex based Hands Free Computing is delighted to announce the launch of its new employability scheme.

The Pathfinder programme has been developed to support jobseekers boost not only their practical IT and communication skills, but also their confidence and address any specific barriers individuals may face in getting into the workplace.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic there has been an increase in unemployment rate, according to the Office for National Statistics the current unemployment rate for June-August 2021 is at 4.5% which is the highest it has been since 2016. The Bank of England even estimated that the unemployment rate is to reach around 5.5% this Autumn (2021).


Lawrence Howard, CEO, said

“For many of us the way we work has changed due to COVID and as a result employers have felt the digital skills gap widen. At the same time, they’ve also found it much more difficult to recruit staff. We’re incredibly proud of our Pathfinder programmes because they have a proven track record of narrowing the digital skills gap whilst simultaneously supporting people into the workplace.”


Targeted at individuals who are unemployed and are struggling to secure sustained employment, Pathfinder addresses common issues and can identify unique issues to help an individual ‘restart’ their career.


There are two programmes currently available;

PATHFINDER|One2One provides 10 hours of 1-2-1 pre-employment support, of which seven hours is online training across 6 sessions, the remaining time is spent undertaking unsupervised activities between the supervised sessions.

PATHFINDER|Groups provides 12 hours of pre-employment support to groups of up to 8 jobseekers. The course consists of nine hours online training across 6 sessions, the remaining time spent undertaking unsupervised activities between sessions.


Who would benefit from PATHFINDER?

Hands Free Computing can help many individuals. Although, they specialise in supporting those with disabilities and neurodiversities and with years of experience in adapting and tailoring their programmes, this programme can help anyone who is unemployed and looking for a career.


What can PATHFINDER do for the unemployed?

The programme has been developed to focus on supporting individuals to gain confidence in their own skills and abilities. Hands Free Computing claim this programme includes, but not limited to, in helping:

  • Focus on talents aiming for sustainable employment
  • Improve confidence, organisational and time keeping skills
  • Develop and increase basic skills
  • Teaches strategies to overcome any barriers to work
  • Develop a ‘Future Plan’ to achieve personal and professional goals
  • Identify any underlying issues and provide resources to assist the individual

Hands Free Computing have built a reputation in supporting working lives, especially those who have a disability or a neurodiversity. They have been involved in the Welfare to Work industry for over 25 years, building a national network of coaches, trainers and occupational therapists.

A recent job seeker took part in their PATHFINDER|One2One programme stated;

“Coaching has given me the encouragement to break down the things that are intimidating into digestible chunks, to make it tangible. I feel I’m on a road to success – a road I had been off of for so long – I feel now I’ve got the engine running and it’s full steam ahead.”

Does it work?

Hands Free Computing’s services are tailor-made to the individual as they understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. Their current statistics of coaching programmes speaks volumes with the quality of coaching and support given;

  • 96% of individuals undertaken coaching with Hands Free Computing have improved in their confidence to progress in their role or to enter a new role.
  • 93% of individuals improved their personal skills and lifestyle.
  • 96% improved their organisational and time keeping skills.
  • 86% improved their key skills.



How to get involved.

If you are a jobseeker interested in this programme, please speak to your work coach for further information.

If you are in the Welfare to Work industry and are interested in Hands Free Computing supporting your company in delivering tailor-made pre-employment support to jobseekers, please contact them here.