‘HolidayLand’ Game Developed For Children With Dyslexia

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Hands Free Computing have developed a new game called HolidayLand. This game is designed for facilitating the reading acquisition of young children. With its game-based design, this application particularly targets children with dyslexia who find it hard to remain motivated for engaging in reading activities.

The approach is based on the virtualization of learning using gamification and artificial intelligence. Compared to traditional methods of learning, this gamification of reading increases children’s motivation to the learning process.

These intelligent games will automatically adapt their challenges to the actual abilities of each learner using an in-built artificial intelligence algorithm.

What’s included?

As the name suggests, there are four games available which are based around seasonal holidays (Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas). With this theme, the game brings children positivity and feelings of happiness as they are transported to different holidays (cue the song ‘Holidays are coming’). The purpose of all the games is to make learning as fun as possible and, at the same time, help increase children’s reading ability. The perfect balance of entertainment and education, win-win!

HolidayLand Game Screen Preview Christmas Game

How are the games different?

Each game has a different task to strengthen children’s reading, writing and communication skills. Some challenges involve interaction where the user has to click on the correct word to complete the sentence. In other challenges, the user has to use assistive speech recognition to repeat the words that show on screen. From vocabulary to speed reading tasks, these games will keep children excited, focused and motivated throughout.

HolidayLand Game Screen Preview Halloween Game

This product is available to purchase through their shop, click link below:

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