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Caption.Ed provides instant and on-demand captions for virtually all live or pre-recorded media. Our software is quick and easy to use. Simply press ‘Start Captioning’ before playing your media and your captions will automatically appear on your screen. No delays, timing issues or lengthy setup. Just instant captions.



Awesome Accuracy

Caption.Ed is powered by industry-leading speech to text technology to provide you with highly accurate captions. Fully customisable and available in languages including English, Spanish, Italian and simplified Chinese and customisable to specific subjects being discussed.


Full Downloadable Transcription

Caption.Ed provides a fully editable and downloadable transcript for any media you have been captioning. You save hours of manual typing time – and make studying and working even more effective for your viewers.

This download is for 300 hours of access or 3 years – whichever is completed first.


  • Caption any media on any application
  • Highly accurate captions
  • Full downloadable transcription
  • Works on desktop or in browser

System requirements

  • Caption.Ed is available as a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser Extension and as a Mac and Windows desktop application
  • We strongly recommend that students use the Chrome / Edge Chromium Browser Extension.
  • The minimum system requirements to use Caption.Ed are:
  • Chrome / Edge Browser Version: the latest version of Chrome or Edge Chromium. Computer system requirement are typically not required.
  • Mac Desktop Version: Apple M1 processors, minimum of 4GB of memory and Big Sur operating system.
  • Windows Desktop Version: Windows 7 or later, 512MB memory, Intel Pentium 4 / Athlon 64 or later with SSE2 support CPU and 500 MB free disk space.
  • A strong and stable internet connection is required for Caption.Ed to work.