Educational Games

Hands Free Computing has developed a series of educational games to support young people with a range of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.


HolidayLand is a series of games designed for facilitating the reading acquisition of young children. With its game-based design, this application particularly targets dyslexics who find it hard to remain motivated for engaging in reading activities.

The approach is based on the virtualization of learning using gamification and artificial intelligence. Compared to traditional methods of learning, this gamification of reading increases children’s motivation to the learning process.

These intelligent games will automatically adapt their challenges to the actual abilities of each learner using an in-built artificial intelligence algorithm.

The purpose of all of the games is to make learning as fun as possible and at the same time increase your reading ability.

HolidayLand includes 4 games, Halloween, Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving.


Is a vocabulary game using closed questions and the learner has to find the correct words that completes the sentences.


Christmas works with advanced speech recognition.  In this game the learner responds to the words as quickly as possible by saying them out loud to determine how quickly and accurately they can read.


Easter, is a reading fluency game, in which the learner has to find Easter eggs.  Each egg opens up a speed reading challenge followed up by a comprehension question.


The last game is called ‘Thanksgiving’, in which the learner is asked to recognize which word was spoken by the game by clicking on the correct word among a set of alternatives displayed on the screen.

“This tool can be enjoyed and benefit any child with its appealing graphics, fun theme-based games and educational content.  It goes a step further though, taking account of the different ways in which children with special needs or conditions learn.   For example, the games are short, so ideal for a limited concentration span.   They also encourage self-driven motivation and learning leading to independence, which is so often forgotten when a personal challenge is involved. “

Judi Stewart, Dyslexia Expert and Executive Coach


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My Activity Centre

My Activity Centre is an application for children with Neurodiversity’s, giving them access to a range of fun activities for entertainment, learning and development.

Resources can be selected through the home screen and relevant categories, which include Colouring, Puzzles, Games and Crafts.

Once opened they can be printed out or used within the application with drawing and editing tools.

New resources can be added to the categories and will sync and download when the sync button is pressed.

Access to online gaming and activity portals are also available through the home screen for even more entertainment and accessible games

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My Activity Centre Home Screen

Farm Counting

Farm Counting is an accessible learning game for children with cognitive impairment.

It is a vibrant looking interactive game which can be controlled via mouse, keyboard and switch access.

The aim of the game is to count the different animals that run across the screen and then answer afterwards. The game gets progressively more difficult.

Animals running across the screen are accompanied with sounds and should be counted by the player.

The player then gets the chance to answer and proceed to the next level.

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Farm Counting Home Screen

Treasure Game with Dino and Friends

Treasure Game is an accessible game controlled by keyboard with voice guidance.

The aim of the game is to find the treasure with different characters.

As the game progresses you have to dodge falling objects to get to the treasure chest.

Rewards are given one you find the treasure!

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Treasure Game with Dino & Friends Sreenshot

Balloon and Pin Game

The Balloon and Pin Game is an accessible cause and effect game which can be controlled by mouse, keyboard or switch access.

The game is for young children or children with learning impairments to stimulate imagination and understand the concept of cause and effect as well as developing hand to eye co-ordination and timing skills.

The aim of the game is to get the balloon as close to the pin without it bursting. This practices control and timing skills.

Lots of fun to be had getting close or just popping balloons!

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Balloon with pin in