For You

Practical support to give you a boost and enable you to thrive


“The support that I received from Hands Free brought back my feeling of self-worth and job satisfaction once again.”

Donna, Local Authority Employee


At hands free computing we support individuals to thrive, many have disabilities, neurodiversity’s and mental health issues. If you are experiencing challenges at work, in education or whilst looking for work, then our dedicated team of experts can help.


Are you experiencing:

  • Poor relationships with colleagues
  • Communication problems within your team
  • Missing deadlines for work
  • Struggling in your working environment


We can help you

We understand everyone is different, so tailor our support to each individuals’ circumstances and needs taking into consideration both weakness and strengths. By taking a holistic view, we can overcome many barriers through a unique blend of technology, training, strategy coaching and environmental recommendations.

It is not a one-size-fits-all solution.


You don’t have to struggle

Together, we can:

  • develop your confidence
  • increase your efficiency
  • improve your memory and productivity
  • reduce your stress and anxiety levels
  • boost your happiness


Our personalised support will identify your strengths, and weaknesses, and develop a plan to balance these.

Over 90% increased organisational skills

Over 90% increased confidence to progress their career

100% recognised strengths and weaknesses to unlock their personal development


Support can come from a range of sources to meet your circumstances, to find out more about how Hands Free Computing can support you, please follow the links below.

For Students

We can provide support for students with disabilities, through the Disabled Student Allowance.

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Looking for Work

Practical support to boost your confidence and work skills to enhance your career prospects.

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In Work

We have been a trusted supplier on the Access to Work scheme for over 25 years. A Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) led scheme, to help employees with a disability or health condition access support in the workplace.

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Private Assessment, Training & Support

For those who do not qualify for support through Access to Work or would like to expediate the process, Hands-Free are able to provide private assessments, training and products.

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