Workplace Mental Health

14.1% of workers consider themselves to have a mental health problem. This increases to 26.9% amongst under 18s. Of the respondents reporting mental health problems, 89% said that these affect their working life (CV Library).

Wellbeing in the workplace

Employers have a fundamental duty of care for the physical and mental health and wellbeing of their staff, yet research by the CIPD found that half of organisations don’t have a wellbeing strategy.

92% suffering mental health issues hide it from employer

Last year poor employee mental health cost UK employers £42 billion. That is an approximate cost around £1300 for every single employee.

Mental Health Awareness Training

Our mental health awareness sessions are delivered in a group setting, and are available both in-person, and virtually.

These sessions have been developed by our chartered psychologist, Sharon, who will tailor each course to fully match an organisations needs.

Mental Health Awareness Training usually take between 1 half – full day depending upon organisational requirements.

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Mental Health First Aider Training

Our mental health first aider course is a natural progression from our awareness course. Organisations may choose to train a proportion of their staff in Mental Health First Aid.

Another approach is to target departments who would be more likely to experience common mental health issues, for example those in customer facing roles.

Before commencing we will discuss your requirements and make recommendations on how best to approach this for your organisation, before tailoring the training sessions.

Mental Health First Aider Training usually consists of four  half-days, on consecutive weeks,  depending upon organisational requirements.

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Mental Health, It’s Worth Talking About

If only everyone would open up about Mental Health.

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