Aga Debinska

Operations & Finance Manager

Aga joined Hands-Free in July 2013 as Finance Manager.

Aga graduated from the Technical University of Radom, Poland, with a Masters in Economics. With a natural interest and flair with numbers, Aga continued her studies with a further qualification in bookkeeping and accountancy, which allowed her to progress in her knowledge and understanding. During an incredibly successful six years within her Finance role, Aga was promoted to Operations and Finance Manager. The promotion allowed Aga the opportunity to support business growth by providing leadership, financial management and, at the same time, reviewing and improving cross-business systems and procedures. The implementation of these have allowed Hands-Free to continue their growth and position within the industry.

“As a full-time working mum, I really appreciate the time I spend with my family, therefore, every opportunity for active recreation or ‘together’ time in our home is welcome by me and my close ones.”