Lawrence Howard

Founder & CEO

Lawrence founded Hands-Free Computing in 1997 as a result of years of personal experience with a lack of access to support and solutions for his dyslexia. Lawrence is passionate about helping people with disabilities and believes that by putting the right tools in place people’s abilities can flourish.

“Hands Free has been on a tremendous journey since 1997, growing from just a reseller of speech recognition software to providing training, coaching and products to an array of disabilities and work-related problems. We have one of the largest teams of employed assistive technology trainers anywhere in the EU and a team of coaches with such a breadth of experience who can help people overcome many of the barriers that technology can’t help with.
We help a wide range of people including those who are needing to change career due to their disability, who because of the impact of the pandemic on the industry, find themselves out of work, or to help those who are either currently studying or have finished their studies and are now entering the world of employment.

By recruiting the best talent and working closely with the top universities from across the EU, we are continuously developing new technologies that can help accommodate a wide range of learning styles – including serious games. At the same time, we’re using the latest pedagogical techniques to ensure that our training and coaching teams deliver the best training you can get - anywhere.
We improve people’s individual performance and can help companies accommodate a diverse workforce, improve the efficiency of their staff and as a result have a positive effect on their bottom line. It’s for these and many other reasons our customers remain loyal to us and keep on recommending us to so many others.

It makes me so proud to see Hands Free grow so quickly by adopting best practices and seeing so many of our customers experience such great outcomes with our help and support."